Mentors – Coaches – Youth Leaders

Mentors, coaches and youth leaders play an important role in the lives of young people. They help guide and supervise youth in the community, and therefore are entrusted with their safety and well being while in their care.

As a coach, mentor or youth leader, there may be a time when you encounter a depressed or troubled child/teen, and you may even be concerned that he/she is at risk for suicide.  Whether or not a youth has acknowledged suicidal intent, if you are concerned about the possibility, call his or her parent(s) or guardian right away.   The parent should then call a crisis line immediately. 

The following information may assist you in understanding whether a child or teen is at risk of suicide, and will outline your responsibilities and action steps.

How do I know if a youth is at risk for suicide?

What should I do about my concern?

Links to helpful websites

Training for youth leaders, coaches and mentors


Hurting yourself is NEVER the answer. There is help available…talk to someone now

For immediate help call

Riverside Emergency Services

Newton Wellesley Hospital

Samariteen Hotline
1-800-252-TEEN (8336)

Samaritan Helpline
1-877-870-HOPE (4673)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)